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VISIT ALL YEAR ROUND every season brings with it a unique experience, this is what makes the Gorge such a special place.

SUMMER is all about long days of sunshine - this is the time of the year that the Gorge sparkles and at times attracts a quite a crowd (by Tasmanian standards).  While riding the Chairlift, you can observe the entire scene from above - people swimming, walking, and enjoying the sunshine below. 

AUTUMN transports you to the time of year when the trees of the Gorge are the main event.  The Chairlift enables you to feast your eyes on spectacular autumn colours and brisk change all around.  While still enjoying glorious days that are generally dry and crisp, extra layers of clothing are optional. Come prepared to witness a vibrant, visual treat.


WINTER brings crisp air and ground frost often glistens in pure sunshine. There are foggy mornings where you float thru the mist as you ride the Chairlift with the Gorge and Cliffs peeking through.  Its both mysterious and magical.  After a heavy rain the raging waters of the South Esk have been known to extend creating an epic sight to behold.


SPRING is nature at its best.  The gardens come alive and burst with colour.  A highlight is riding through the rhododendrons that are as tall as trees, as you make your entrance into the cliff grounds.  Sunshine is gaining strength and the days are getting longer. It feels like everything is coming out to say “hello”.

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