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The Gorge Scenic Chairlift

Come experience the wonder of riding the iconic Chairlift for your self.

If you are after a truly unique experience jump on-board the famous Gorge Scenic Chairlift.  The relaxing chairlift lets you view the Cataract Gorge from above. No where in the world can you travel across a gorge estimated to be over 140 million years old this close to the centre of a city. The slow speed enables passengers to appreciate fully and photograph the spectacular views, making you feel like you are a million miles away.

With a total span of 457m, our chairlift boasts the longest single span of any chairlift in the world (308m).  The main drive station is located at Basin Road, West Launceston, near the main carpark and entrance, with the other station in the middle of the Cliff Grounds reserve.


Your journey takes you over the huge naturally formed basin, filled by the waters of the South Esk River, at times surging through the Cataract Gorge. The gentle, safe, and breathtaking ride provides visitors with stunning views of both the eastern and western side of the reserve all the while taking in the majestic dolerite cliffs of the Cataract Gorge, which was described by William Collins, of the ship Lady Nelson, as “a scene of natural beauty, probably not surpassed in the world".


Each Chair has 2 seats and travels at a slow, leisurely speed. We are very much a family friendly activity that everyone can enjoy and yes, we are wheelchair friendly. 


We stand out because it doesn’t matter who you are, there are no boundaries. The Chairlift is an experience that everyone can enjoy, our job is to make it happen and help create memories that people will remember forever.






3-15 years


Under 3

1 Way

(Across OR Back)





Return Trip

(Across & Back)





*Charges are inclusive of GST

Tickets can be purchased directly from the main ticket office located near the West Launceston entry to the Gorge.


  • Children 3 years and under must be nursed.

  • Persons within the boundaries of the chairlift must observe directions of authorised chairlift attendants.

  • Safety bars must be closed during journey and opened approximately 5 metres from platform in preparation to landing.

  • Children under 8 years must be accompanied by an adult.

  • When getting off the chairs: The person on the left must get off to the left, wait for the chair to pass and then proceed to the exit. The person on the right must get off to the right and may proceed directly to the exit, which is situated to the right hand side of the platform.

  • Passengers must not bounce, swing chairs, throw any objects or travel around terminal wheels.

  • Bottles and cans are prohibited on the chairlift.

  • Persons behaving in a disorderly manner will be prosecuted.

  • Personal items are carried at the passenger’s own risk and should be limited to that which can be carried comfortably. 

  • When is the chairlift open?
    The chairlift is open everyday of the year.
  • How do I buy a ticket for the chairlift?
    We do not take online or pre-bookings for tickets. When you want to visit, come to the office at the Basin Rd entrance to purchase your tickets. The attendants in the ticket office will be able to help you with any of your requirements.
  • Does the chairlift have a weight limit?
    The chairlift is load tested to 160kg per chair. What is also important, is that you feel comfortable in the chair and can close the restraining bar.
  • How long does the chairlift take?
    The chairlift takes 10 minutes one way. You have to get off at each side and if you have purchased a return ticket you can ride back whenever you like.
  • Which side of the Basin reserve do I get on?
    You can start from either side but the Basin road entrance is recommended.
  • Can children ride on the chairlift?
    There is no age or height restriction for children. Children under the age of 8 must be accompanied by an adult. Smaller children may be nursed depending on size. Infants are best in your own baby harness. Children under the age of 3 ride for free.
  • Can you please tell me if you accept a companion card?
    Yes, we accept companion cards on presentation of a valid card.
  • Can I purchase a pensioner or seniors ticket?
    Yes, a valid pension or seniors card, from anywhere in the world, must be presented. Proof of age is not accepted.


We OPEN at 9:00am 

365 days a year



Winter - 4:30pm

Spring & Autumn - 5:00pm

Summer - 5:30pm



Audio tours are available via the Vacayit app.

Initially developed for our vision impaired travellers but any one can use them.



Your safety and enjoyment is our priorityPlease allow our attendants to assist you and follow the instructions of our attendants at all times. Any person requiring assistance because of age, disability or a medical condition is required to advise our authorised chairlift attendants.

Some special considerations include:

- special access gates for wheelchairs

- travellers are able to ride around the terminal in wheelchairs

- we can stop the chairlift chairs to allow extra time to get on and off safely

- if travellers are unable to negotiate stairs we have special gates onto the pads

- we can radio to alert if a stop is required

- we are more than happy to work with and assist parents/carers

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